Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Jonalyn Uncovered Concert

Vocal Trio LA DIVA is one rare local act whose members can stand on their own. Besides, they all launched solo careers prior to singing together on a Sunday TV show and all the way to a globally watched boxing fight featuring Manny Pacquiao. The Smallest member of the group, JONALYN VIRAY, is affirming that perception as she stood tall singing to packed crowd in recent solo gig at Bagaberde. The special night, titled "UNCOVERED" is, according to its director ERNIE DUQUE, a sort of trial to launch a series of gigs featuring the PINOY POP SUPERSTAR CHAMP.

"We just want to remind everyone that JONALYN can do solo gigs," Duque told the Bulletin Entertainment last week, claiming that "The Show is uncovering Jonalyn once more as a stand-alone act and her repertoire is all covers. So we picked the word "UNCOVERED" as the show's title."

Interestingly, Jonalyn's Bagaberde show FEBRUARY 16, 2011 focused on presenting her as a solo artsit. The other two LA DIVA members, Aicelle Santos and Maricris Garcia, were curiously not present at the venue and it was Frencheska Parr who went on stage to give her a hug.

No need to worry for the group's fans since any rumor of a LA DIVA split up has not floated and recent interviews all points to a long, continuous partnership.

By this time the once experimenttal project has now blossomed into a big-time troika regularly performing on TV and in big venues like Music Museum,

The 21-year-old Jonalyn delivered around 20 songs of notable covers off OPM and top 40 songbooks. She effortlessly performed strong cuts from '90s like "Too Many Walls" and "When You Say Nothing At All." She also sang Tagalog tracks which, in her simple straight words," have touched the hearts of so many Pinoys."

Of course, her belting solicited the expected applause from the audience. The Appreciations sounded louder each time diners realized that the powerful voice came s from a seemingly regular petite girl. The "small-but-terrible" undeniably showed she could interpret with ample justice songs of artists ranging from Whitney Houston to Barry Manilow.

"This is my first time in a bar. This feels different but it feels good," she expressed to the crowd which heard her voice shine through alone-quite a departure from the now usual LA DIVA blending.

By attendance observation, it's likely that Jonalyn's bar tour will push through 290 tickets were sold while 30 people walked in through the bar which has a capacity of around 300.

One of her standout numbers was her rendition of Houston's "Run To You" which, as she said in her spiel. "will always be part of my life."

List of Songs

1. Run To You (A Capella)
2. I Need You
3. Too Many Walls
4. When You Say Nothing At All
5. Simply Jessie
6. Hanggang
7. Umagang Kay Ganda
8. Love Always Finds A Way / I'm Never Say Goodbye MEDLEY
9. I Don't Wanna Wait
10. One of These Days
11. Somewhere in the Night
12. Empire State of Mind / Put It In A Love Song MEDLEY
14. Tuloy Pa Rin
15. Never Ever Say Goodbye
16. Run To You
17. Butterfly
18. Angels Brought Me Here

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